Top Tips For First Time Business Travellers

Print important documents

Boarding pass, hotel voucher, car hire info etc. If your phone runs out of battery, you have everything required to reach your destination without too much inconvenience.

Check in online

This will save time when arriving at the airport and you can reserve your preferred seat (if you’re quick enough).

Arrive at the airport early

Leave home with plenty of time and don’t put more pressure on yourself. You know a traffic hold up always occurs when you’re in a rush!

Know your corporate travel policies

Every company has its policies and you should know yours. This can include daily expense limits, expected etiquette, dress-code and means of travel allowed. Your work trip shouldn’t cost you anything personally.

Choose the right seat

If your company allows you to, pay for a seat near the front of the plane. You’ll be closer to the exit doors and through customs quicker. Bonus point – you will get served refreshments first!

Travel management apps

There are many apps that help you travel but make sure you download the essential few prior to your trip (don’t waste precious data or use slow airport WiFi). These could include taxi / transport, navigation, translation, currency convertor and expense tracking.

Bring a change of clothing in your carry-on bag

Clumsy fellow travellers and turbulence often cause spills and stains. Our colleague Rachael regularly gets drinks spilled over her when flying!

Pack a variety of clothes

Even if the dress code at your meetings is always business attire, there might be occasions when you’ll have to dress casual too; you never know when your clients might invite you to a casual meal or activity! To save space – wear the same shoes!

If you can avoid it, don’t check a bag

Pack light and only pack essentials.
Remember your travel plug – We’ve all been there!

Keep your devices charged

Obvious but easily forgotten. Many airports have charging points if you want to work after you’ve checked in. Bring a power pack; there is nothing worse than your laptop or phone running low close to the end of the day and you have to order a cab home!

Eating healthy

Try and eat healthily at the airport or bring healthy snacks with you. Travel is hard on your body, and you need to carry on doing your job while on the road.

Combine business and pleasure

If you can, add a few personal days on to your trip to explore a city you may not have thought about going on holiday to. This is also a cost effective way to have a little holiday too!

Get sufficient sleep

Your day is going to be busy while you are away. Getting enough sleep is very important to stay productive. If you can fit in a nap between your last business meeting and your evening activity, this will be a huge help.

Enjoy yourself

Yes you’re travelling for business but make it fun!