Changi Airport, Singapore

This airport consistently ranks one of the world’s best, and one of the busiest, with more than 100 airlines flying to over 400 cities in over 100 countries around the world. The airport has the largest indoor waterfall in the world and the Shiseido Forest Valley interior park features one of the country’s largest indoor plant collections. These combine to provide two interior nature trails for visitors to explore.

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Some airports are busy, but here busy is an understatement. With no fewer than 93.6 million passengers in 2022, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport was the world’s busiest airport for the 24th time! Very impressive when you consider that this airport is around 3 square miles smaller than Schiphol, which had around 52.2 million passengers in 2022.

Princess Juliana International Airport, St Maarten

Ever seen those ‘instafamous’ posts of planes flying so close over the heads of beachgoers? Yes, those are real! And this is the airport where such images are taken. For many, it’s a once in a life-time experience with its spectacular landing and take-off, which has also made it world-famous for plane-spotters.

King Fahd International Airport, Saudi Arabia

The worlds largest airport! Spanning across 192,000 acres and 300 miles², no wonder this airport made our list! The airport has a Royal Terminal which is reserved for the Saudi Royal Family, government, and official guests. The terminal has four bridges connecting the terminal and aircraft. It is luxuriously furnished and decorated and includes extensively landscaped exteriors and grounds.

Don Mueang International Airport, Bangkok

You would think a round of golf would be relaxing, quiet and not dangerous at all. Well not at this golf course. Kantarat Golf Course is located right next to Don Muang Airport and lies parallel to the runway. It is the only golf course in the world built in between the runways of an international airport.

Kansai International Airport, Japan

The airport sits in the middle of Osaka Bay located off the Honshu shore, the first to be constructed on an artificial island. A nearly two-mile long bridge connects the island to the mainland. The airport has also weathered multiple earthquakes and typhoons with limited disruption to services. It has also served as the benchmark for other artificial island projects since its completion almost three decades ago.

Lukla Airport, Nepal

This is where most people’s journeys start to climb Mount Everest. However, this is also where the danger starts. The airport runway is extremely short at just 1,729 feet long and has a gradient of 12% to help planes slow down in time. Weather in the Himalayas is highly unpredictable. Sudden mist, fog, rainstorms or snow are always possible, making it even harder for pilots to land.

San Francisco International Airport

Most airports are known for amazing architecture, being extremely busy or known for having an extravagant feature. San Francisco is known for something rather different. In 2013, they launched a program titled ‘Wag Brigade’ to bring trained dogs to the terminals to make the travelling experience more enjoyable. Three years later, Lilou, a Juliana-breed pig joined the beloved Wag Brigade team. They now have a rabbit and a cat who have joined too.

Courchevel Altiport, France

More than 2,000 meters above sea level lies this unique airport where skiers and snowboarders arrive ready for their adrenalin fix. Aircraft fly in through a channel between mountains, landing on a short, steeply sloping runway, complete with vertical drop off, that could almost double as a ski jump. Once you approach Courchevel Altiport it become very clear as to why there is only one-way landing and one-way take off.

Barra Airport, Scotland

This unusual airport is one of the only places in the world to use a beach as a landing strip and of all places it’s in Scotland! As planes arrive here from the mainland, they use one of three sand runways in the shape of a triangle – this helps pilots land and take off in high winds. It is very dependant on the tides and when the beach is open to the pubic it is very popular fir cockle picking!